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In order to satisfy the needs of our customers and to guarantee maximum functionality and thermoacoustic insulation, ALsistem has devised a fitting system that resolves all the issues related to mounting and installation.

The quality of a window is the result of several factors, not least of which is the mounting and installation. It is not something that should be improvised and should be carried out by skilled, qualified technicians.

What is window fitting?

Window fitting the mounting and installation of a window. It is a vitally important operation that, if done badly, compromises performance in terms of
thermal insulation and acoustic insulation as well as quality of life in the home.
If a window is not properly fitted, you may be exposed to the penetration of hot or cold air, water ingress and noise.
什么是 Thermoposa?
What is Thermoposa?
Thermoposa是一个符合UNI 11673-1标准的项目,是由意大利、奥地利和德国技术人员团队合作的结果。这种拟合方法在欧洲是独一无二的,具有以下特点:
A. 它只使用保修期至少10年的材料; B. 它有自己的试装手册,说明了最常见的试装场景,在实验室设计和测试,以确保效率和性能;
C. 由于执行简单,它可以适用于各种建筑工地; D. 由获得培训学院(Accademia di Formazione)文凭的合格安装工进行。

Thermoposa is a project, compliant with the UNI 11673-1 standard, that resulted from the collaboration of a group of Italian, Austrian and German technicians. It is fitting method that is unique in Europe owing to the following features:

A. It only uses materials that are guaranteed for at least 10 years;
B. It has its own fitting manual which illustrates the most common fitting scenarios, designed and tested in the laboratory to ensure efficiency and performance;
C. It can be adapted to all sorts of construction sites thanks to its simplicity of execution;
D. It is carried out by qualified fitters who have obtained the Diploma of the Accademia di Formazione (Training Academy).
What are the benefits of this window fitting system?

Choosing the right window for your needs is not enough. It is also important to ensure that it is fitted by a skilled professional in a way that ensures all of the following critical issues are addressed, so as to effectively improve the performance of the window.

Total protection against infiltration
Elimination of draughts
Significant reduction of noise pollution

10-year guarantee of the window performance

Thermoposa是一种安装外部窗户的系统,以合理的成本为客户保证良好的热声效率和密封元件的最佳耐久性,这要感谢合格的专家团队和加热技术人员的合作,Thermoposa通过以下方式解决了与安装窗户相关的一些问题: A. 开发解决方案,以创建一个现代化的柜台框架;
B. 设计和选择适用于柜台框架与墙壁密封的材料和系统; C. 设计和选择适合于将框架与柜台框架密封的材料和系统。
Thermoposa is a system for fitting external windows that, at a reasonable cost to the client, guarantees a good thermoacoustic efficiency and an optimum durability of the sealing elements thanks to the collaboration of a qualified team of experts and heating technicians, Thermoposa has resolved some of the issues associated with fitting windows through the: A. Development of solutions to create a modern counter frame; B. Design and selection of materials and systems suitable for sealing the counter frame to the wall;
C. Design and selection of materials and systems suitable for sealing the frame to the counter frame.
A properly fitted window
increases comfort andultimately saves
time in the long term
What does the Thermoposa method entail?
确保最佳能源性能的最佳方法是确保你的窗户安装得当。为此,ALsistem开发了一种欧洲独有的安装方法,该方法使用的材料具有10年保修,并且由合格的安装人员执行。这确保了最佳的隔热和隔音以及气密性和水密性。Thermoposa的安装程序确保了我们的高质量标准。 The best way to ensure optimum energy performance is to make sure that your window is fitted properly.  For this reason, ALsistem has developed a fitting method that is unique in Europe which uses materials with a 10-year guarantee and which is carried out exclusively by qualified installers.  This ensures optimum thermal and acoustic insulation and air and water tightness.  The Thermoposa installation procedures ensure our high-quality standards.

Insulation of the shutter box

The thermal and acoustic insulation of the insulating panels significantly improves the energy efficiency of the window.

Cutting the marble sill
Sills represent the main source of heat loss and so it is necessary to block the flow of heat between the inside and outside and prevent the formation of condensation.

Correct positioningof the window
The use of a Thermopro counter frame, fastenings with turbo screws, and high-quality seals guarantees the resistance and durability of the frame.

Are you a window installer or designer?
The Thermoposa method is easy to follow and can be adapted to any worksite.
ALsistem provides everything necessary to learn about and to work according to the Thermoposa method.  Download certifications and manuals or watch the video tutorials created with your needs in mind.
Our qualified Thermoposa installers
对于我们的窗户安装,我们只与获得以下资格的窗户安装人员合作:“合格的ALsistem thermoposa安装人员和窗孔径再认证技术人员”。我们所有的安装人员都参加了“使用Thermoposa系统安装ALsistem高能效窗户”的培训课程,并通过了期末考试。


For the installation of our windows, we work exclusively with window installers who have obtained the following qualification: “Qualified ALsistem Thermoposa installer and technician for the requalification of the window aperture”.  All our installers have attended the training course on “Installation of ALsistem’s high energy efficiency windows using the Thermoposa system” and have passed the final exam. 

This means we can guarantee our customers a level of expertise in the fitting of ALsistem’s external aluminium windows that complies with the standards required by the Thermoposa system.  For ALsistem, technological development and professional training go hand in hand and so we only work with qualified installers who complete refresher training courses every three years.
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