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Sunshades are an ideal solution to ensure the maximum visual and thermal comfort of the living areas.

Choose the best
sunshade solution
for your requirements



Oversun: 生物气候凉棚和遮阳篷

In order to live in a comfortable environment it is important to consider another fundamental aspect of comfortable living related to light shielding.Natural light is undoubtedly the best light as it is a resource that contributes to your physical and mental wellbeing. However, when the sun is particularly strong, such as during the summer, it can cause visual discomfort and interfere with your sleep.Furthermore, excessive exposure to sunlight heats up indoor spaces resulting in prolonged use of air conditioners and a considerable increase in energy consumption.ALsistem offers solutions which direct and control the sunlight coming in to enable you to make the most of the indoor and outdoor space.Aluminium shutterEasysun: sunshade integrated into the windowOversun: bioclimatic pergola and sunshades
Aluminium shutters


Strong and durable aluminium shutters, for windows and French windows, with adjustable slats that can be moved to suit your lighting requirements or to protect against the elements.

In addition, the use of aluminium allows for the choice of dozens of RAL colours and wood effects.


Control the sunlight

Easysun is a blind that is perfectly integrated into the window system. Available in various colour combinations, the pleated, anti-crease fabric of this blind makes it a decorative feature that also enables you to control the light and manage your privacy. Easysun is easy to install as no drilling is required and the handles are easily inserted into the tracks without requiring any complex installation operations. The result is a complete blackout blind that is perfectly integrated into the window.


Control the sunligh

The Oversun system offers a wide range of solutions for all requirements and includes aluminium sunshades and external blinds with adjustable aluminium slats. It is possible to create both fixed and mobile systems with different types of slats, both opaque and micro-perforated.

遮阳 Oversun系统为所有需求提供了广泛的解决方案,包括铝遮阳板和可调节铝板条的外部百叶窗。

Bioclimatic pergola Bioclimatic pergolas are the perfect solution for external spaces, patios, roof gardens and winter gardens: the adjustable slats regulate the light, allow natural ventilation and protect against rain, snow and wind.

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