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Your home is your most precious asset and therefore a vitally important space. we want to help make your home a highly inclusive space where you can switch off from work and enjoy your free time in peace and comfort.A home should reflect your aesthetic tastes and be functional and economic to run. In short, to ensure maximum liveability it should make the most of every resource and technical innovation available.
For this reason, it is important not to underestimate any aspect when deciding to make a purchase intended to improve the functionality and appearance of your home.
How to choose and who to trust so as to not waste time or money?
Choose those who make people a priority
我们是铝制及铝木制高节能窗系统的生产商,选用我们的产品能提高您的生活质量。 与ALsistem打交道时,您会发现我们富有经验的专业人员不仅会认真聆听您的想法,还会帮助您弄清自身的需求。您有着何种生活方式?您有哪些爱好?您家庭成员有几名?您家里现在有儿童吗?您的预算多少?基于您的要求,为您奉上最恰当的解决方案。以上只是我们会向您了解的部分问题,目的是为了弄明白怎样才能让您的家居更舒适。

orus, people come first and so we make high energy efficiency window systems in aluminium and aluminium-wood that improve the quality of life in your home.At ALsistem you will find experienced professionals whose ability to listen to you and help you understand your needs enables them to offer you the most appropriate solution for your requirements.What is your lifestyle? What are your habits? How big is your family? Are there any children? What is your budget?These are some of the questions that will help us understand the best way to bring comfort to your home.
关注您的个性化需求 Focus on your individual needs


ALsistem listens to the needs of customers, so that we win the trust of thousands of households, and become a number of private villas, residential, commercial and residential buildings, famous buildings and construction projects for public and social use to provide you with a beautiful and functional solution that not only meets your needs, but also conforms to the latest technological trends.
We value your trust

Your trust is important to us and our goal is to continuously improve the livability and comfort of your homes. Therefore, we invest time and energy in research, constantly consider the improvement of our own products to the excellence.So as to maximize the functionality and aesthetics of the product.
If you choose to buy your aluminium window frames from ALsistem, you can count on a team of professionals attentive to your needs who will do everything possible to offer a tailor-made solution.



ALsistem has set up a test laboratory which provides top-notch technical support to window manufacturers, designers and builders for their most important and challenging projects.The laboratory is set up to perform tests on windows of up to 6 metres in size, four-leaf sliding windows and facade modules of up to 5 metres.The test bench has been approved by a Notified Body in Milan which issues valid test reports for CE marking.

透气性(EN 12153):

透水性(EN 13050):

防/抗风性(EN 12179):

In our laboratory the following environmental tests are performed on windows, sliders and facade modules:Air permeability (EN 12153): the frame or facade must control the passage of air so as to both protect the indoor spaces and allow for the right amount of ventilation.Water tightness (EN 13050): the frame or facade must prevent or limit the ingress of rain, both through the fixed components and the parts that can be opened. Where uneven parts are joined together, they must ensure the seal is maintained an that water can be drained away.Wind resistance (EN12179): the frame or facade must be sturdy enough to resist wind loads.Calculation of the thermal transmittance value (Uf) using the relative software.
Tests performed in the laboratory

CE 标
CE Marking

CE标识是欧洲经济区(EEA)内产品的基本关键认证标识,它通过如下各项规定为生产厂商制定了从业标准: 测试标准:欧盟成员国共同遵守的程序及评估标准。 CE标识属于强制性要求,是所有想在欧盟国家销售产品的窗、连续立面材料、遮阳百叶、工业及车库通行门及大门、排烟及除热罩生产厂商必须加以遵循的体系。获得CE标识意味着产品具备设计适用性,且在规定适用性范围内有一定程度的性能保证。

The CE Marking is an essential certification for products in the European Economic Area (EEA) which defines a level playing field for manufacturers through the provision of: Test methods:Procedures and evaluation criteria shared across European Union countries.

The CE Marking is mandatory and is the system with which manufacturers of windows, continuous facades, sunshades, industrial and garage doors and gates, and smoke and heat extractors must comply in order to sell their products in the European Union.The application of the CE Marking indicates, therefore, the suitability of the product for its intended use and guarantees a certain level of performance in relation to said intended use.

Declaration of conformity for windows

- 按照具体要求进行的初始类型测试(ITT);
- 对所有产品规格分别挑出一到两个具有代表性的样品,基于这些样品,按照相关欧洲产品规范进行理论计算值的验算;
- 生产厂商负责执行的工厂生产控制(FPC)。


The declaration of conformity to European technical standards (product specifications) for Windows produced by oneself must have the following aspects of verification: - Initial type testing (ITT) according to specific requirements; - One or two representative samples are selected for all product specifications and based on these samples, the theoretical calculation values are checked according to the relevant European product specifications; - Factory Production Control (FPC) performed by the manufacturer.

The CE Marking to the product, by means of a label affixed to the product, its packaging or the accompanying commercial documents.
The CE Marking replaces any mandatory national markings but not those of a voluntary nature provided they do not conflict with and/or overlay the CE Marking.
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